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Shrub Trimming

Shrub Trimming

Shrub Trimming brings that additional something all properties can benefit from. Proper trimmed shrubs can make all the difference in the look of your property.  Most property owners are probably aware that an  messy or dense look to their property can decrease its overall curb appeal and, in the occasion that they may be planning to sell their home in the near future, this lack of property maintenance can  harmfully affect its market value. Furthermore, an disorderly appearance can create a less-than-favorable feeling about the inside of the home with people who are simply walking by or driving by the property, even though they have never actually been inside or met the property owner and their family.

Shrub trimming service frequency depends on the type of plant to be trimmed. We do shrub  shaping, such as significantly reducing the height or width of a hedge. We do Shrub thinning and renewing, by dead wooding the shrub and clipping the shrub  thicker and older branches. Let us take care of this time consuming process for you! Contact Us Today!

We take our business seriously and we’re proud to say that once someone tries us, in most cases they are a weekly lawn mowing, Landscaping Mulch Installation and Shrub Trimming customer for life and are proud to refer us to friends, family & associates. Call, email or even text us for the best lawn mowing service in Richmond Kentucky!


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